Bringing water to a boil seems like the most basic of kitchen chores but what is the quickest and also the safest way? The BISTRO Water Kettle is the answer. The most energy efficient way to boil water, is to boil only the amount that is needed for your use. This cordless and compact kettle is perfect for boiling small amounts.  It has a 17 oz. fill capacity with a transparent and easy-to-read water level indicator.  We even ‘translated’ the measurements into cup servings to make it extra easy when preparing coffee and tea. The kettle features a simple and comfortable switch to turn on. It only takes the push of a button to open the lid and the plastic is BPA free. 

  • Easy to read water level indicator prevents the waste of water and energy
  • Manual On/Off switch plus steam sensor for automatic shut-off and added safety

  • Mesh-screened spout captures chalk and other mineral impurities while pouring

  • Base contains powerful heating element. Pitcher can be secured to the base in any direction during use, and easily remove for cordless pouring