Aeropress Single Serve


Here is a stealthy product that deserves your attention. It is a simple way to brew a single cup of outstanding coffee at home, at work, sailing or camping.

It is stealthy because it has been internationally successful and is featured in coffee brewing competitions, and few know anything about it. To dealers that carry Aeropress it is one of the most profitable items in the store.

Millions of these are sold, mostly in independent specialty stores, catalogs and on line. Packaging is simple but not sophisticated enough to get shelf space in big box retailers. Those who get it know that it appeals to backpackers and travelers of all kinds. It is made and shipped from California and it makes a remarkable cup of coffee simply and easily. There are many Aeropress Coffee recipes on line. Here is one:

20g coffee, water at ~80c almost to the top (~250+ml), ground slightly finer than filter.

  1. Rinsed normal filter, Aeropress upside-down.
  2. Add the ground coffee.
  3. Add the water, pouring almost to the top.
  4. Stir for 10-12 seconds.
  5. Heat the cup.
  6. Slowly push the coffee through – stopping before you hear the air wheeze.

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