B-K Represents HighWave


Bang-Knudsen was recently appointed Northwest representatives for HighWave of California.

HighWave has been a leader in building innovative products for more than 3 decades. We use sustainable materials, produce in ethical factories, and model our innovations with the perspective of tools for life. All of our designs are original with over 40 patents nationwide. The intersection of innovation and sustainability is HighWave.


The latest innovative product from HighWave is the Earthlid. I N N O VAT I O N 100 billion polystyrene coffee lids landed in oceans & landfills last year. The Earthlid™ upgrades a paper coffee cup to eliminate one plastic lid for every coffee you drink! The ergonomic lid cools a “too hot” coffee fast and the strap seals for transport.


F U N FA C T - Two people using the Earthlid™ can eliminate 700 toxic lids in one year. Earthlid™ fits on regular size soda cups to keep straws out of the ocean. Switch the strap colors for multi-color lids.

HotJo is HighWave’s original design of the 1980s that started it all and is still a best-seller.  Available in several colors.

Made in USA Pet Hydration: The only one handed dog hydration system. Squeeze and water is delivered in the bowl, release and water returns to the bottle. Fresh water for your dog prevents health issues from public water bowls. The velcro strap becomes a handle for hiking or can attach to a pack.