Bang-Knudsen Represents Swiss Culinary Company

Betty Bossi

All our products and services pursue a single goal: Culinary delight! Cooking should be a relaxing activity, and eating should make us happy from the inside out.

Betty Bossi is the leading Swiss culinary company, and has been teaching Swiss people to cook since 1956 – first and foremost through the Betty Bossi magazine, regularly published cookbooks and clever kitchen gadgets. In addition, we also develop food products for Switzerland’s largest retailer and advise numerous companies on culinary topics. At the heart of Betty Bossi are reliable recipes for every occasion. In addition, we develop innovative kitchenware that simplifies cooking, makes it more efficient, improves the culinary results in terms of taste and aesthetics, and – most importantly – keeps inspiring new ideas. Trends in the segments of food and recipes are identified quickly and transformed into creative kitchen gadgets. From the idea to the product to the marketing – at Betty Bossi, it all boils down to good quality. Inventors, engineers, designers, chefs, recipe editors, food stylists, photographers and marketing specialists. They all work hand in hand, guaranteeing a perfect product and a culinary world to go with it.


Amazing everyday cooking! Thanks to the Veggie Sheet Slicer, you can conjure up paper thin sheets from raw zucchinis, potatoes, beets & more and use those to reinvent many classic dishes. For example, you can replace the pasta in lasagna with light vegetable sheets or have a homemade crunchy alternative to bagged potato chips.

• Cut vegetables and fruits into paper thin sheets

• Groundbreaking new way of slicing zucchini, potatoes, beets, apples and more

• Culinary wow results: layered, rolled – and healthy

• You will be thrilled with your culinary masterpiece

• Ideal for healthy, light and low-carb cooking

• Recipe booklet with many newly interpreted classics