The AutoDogMug® is the easiest & fastest way to keep your dog hydrated on the go! Public water bowls can contain harmful pathogens, travel water bowls are an inconvenience to use. Squeeze and water fills the bowl for your pup to drink, release and the remaining water returns to the bottle, not wasting a drop.

 Comes in 6 colors.

The original and BEST travel mug for dogs comes in six colors! If your dog had a best friend (other than you), this would be it... The AutoDogMug® is the first and only, one handed hydration system for dogs. Squeeze and water fills the bowl for your pup to drink, release and the remaining water returns to the bottle. Comes with a removable strap, which can be used as a handle, or for attaching to a pack.

  • Fits auto drink holders , Safer than public water bowls ,Easy one-handed operation

  • Saves Water.  Available in 6 colors. Food Safe, BPA-free Materials, Patented Design and Function

  • 8.5" tall. $14.99

Available From HighWave represented by Bang-Knudsen 206-767-6970

Want to ditch plastic straws? Consider these.

Americans employ more than 100 million single-use plastic straws a day. To cut back, try a reusable one...

By Sarah Gibbens

This story appears in the July 2019 issue of National Geographic magazine.

More than 100 million single-use straws—most of them plastic—are used in the United States each day. They end up in waterways, harm sea animals, and break down into microplastics that are becoming ubiquitous on Earth. Numerous places have passed plastic-straw bans as a way to start addressing the global plastic waste problem. Disability advocates, however, have pushed back on bans: They say straws are a necessary, everyday tool for many people, and nonplastic versions may not be suitable substitutes.

Straw materials: Assets and disadvantages

1. Metal
Made of stainless steel, aluminum, or even titanium, metal straws have become a popular alternative. They draw some criticism—for having a metallic taste, conducting heat from a hot drink, and clanking against the teeth—but they’re durable to transport and reuse.

2. Paper
Paper drinking straws, which date from the late 1800s, often absorb liquid over time, become mushy, and can leave a taste or fibers in drinks. They’re the most popular throwaway option in places with plastic-straw bans.

3. Silicone
This material provides a popular soft alternative to metal reusable straws. One company has developed a silicone straw with an extra environmental twist: When burned, it turns into biologically inert ash.

4. Glass
Though glass straws may be more breakable and thus less portable than reusable straws of other materials, they hold up well to washing and reuse. Some makers add an artistic flair

5. Hard plastic
Reusable straws made from rigid plastic are portable, easy to clean, and reasonably durable. Think of your typical reusable plastic water bottle shrunken to straw size. to the straws with colors and blown-glass designs and ornaments.

6. Bamboo
This natural material can be sustainably produced and is a plant-based alternative to fabricated straws. Bamboo straws are reusable but can be hard to clean completely and may absorb flavors. When it’s time to dispose of them, they’re easily compostable.

7. Bendable straws
When bendable straws were first made in the 1940s, they were a boon in health-care settings to help patients drink without sitting up. Plastic bendable straws have become the safe, low-cost default in such settings—but the hunt is on for greener alternatives.

Bang-Knudsen offers reusable silicone straws from HIP 206-767-6970


2 pcs glass, double wall, large, 0.4 l, 13.5 oz


Price: $24.99


The CANTEEN Double Wall Glasses keep hot drinks hot without burning fingers and cold drinks cold without messy condensation, making them the ideal vessels for every beverage, from cocktails to cocoa. So you’ll only need to buy one type of glass for your home!  Perfect for summer entertaining.
• Individually mouth-blown by expert artisans, BODUM’s proprietary Double Wall Glasses feature two walls of borosilicate glass, creating a highly effective layer of insulation.
• Silicone valve at base allows for changes in pressure.
• Also perfect for serving ice cream and soups.
• Dishwasher, microwave safe, and oven safe. (up to 350°F/176ºC)


Available from Bang-Knudsen www.bang-knudsen.com

Bang-Knudsen Represents Swiss Culinary Company

Betty Bossi

All our products and services pursue a single goal: Culinary delight! Cooking should be a relaxing activity, and eating should make us happy from the inside out.

Betty Bossi is the leading Swiss culinary company, and has been teaching Swiss people to cook since 1956 – first and foremost through the Betty Bossi magazine, regularly published cookbooks and clever kitchen gadgets. In addition, we also develop food products for Switzerland’s largest retailer and advise numerous companies on culinary topics. At the heart of Betty Bossi are reliable recipes for every occasion. In addition, we develop innovative kitchenware that simplifies cooking, makes it more efficient, improves the culinary results in terms of taste and aesthetics, and – most importantly – keeps inspiring new ideas. Trends in the segments of food and recipes are identified quickly and transformed into creative kitchen gadgets. From the idea to the product to the marketing – at Betty Bossi, it all boils down to good quality. Inventors, engineers, designers, chefs, recipe editors, food stylists, photographers and marketing specialists. They all work hand in hand, guaranteeing a perfect product and a culinary world to go with it.


Amazing everyday cooking! Thanks to the Veggie Sheet Slicer, you can conjure up paper thin sheets from raw zucchinis, potatoes, beets & more and use those to reinvent many classic dishes. For example, you can replace the pasta in lasagna with light vegetable sheets or have a homemade crunchy alternative to bagged potato chips.

• Cut vegetables and fruits into paper thin sheets

• Groundbreaking new way of slicing zucchini, potatoes, beets, apples and more

• Culinary wow results: layered, rolled – and healthy

• You will be thrilled with your culinary masterpiece

• Ideal for healthy, light and low-carb cooking

• Recipe booklet with many newly interpreted classics

AeroPress Coffee Maker



The AeroPress is ideal for any coffee lover looking for a rich and smooth cup of coffee without acidity or bitterness. AeroPress Brews one to three delicious cups of American or espresso style coffee in about a minute. Clean up takes only a few seconds. It’s a great addition to any kitchen but since it is durable, lightweight, and compact, the AeroPress also makes the perfect companion when traveling, sailing, camping, or just going to work. It is so much more economical and environmentally sensible than prepackaged coffee pods.

Includes: 350 filters, filter cap, filter holder, stirrer and scoop.

Available from Bang-Knudsen. www.bang-knudsen.com