Bodum Columbia Double Wall Coffee Maker

The BODUM® COLUMBIA Coffee Makers are made of double wall stainless steel which means that your coffee stays hot much longer. The air in between the two walls provide a highly effective layer of insulation.

The COLUMBIA is not just any nice looking coffee pot: It is a coffee press. After all, you would not want to compromise taste for beauty. And it works just like any of our coffee presses.

BODUM COLUMBIA Double Wall Coffee Maker Stainless steel

  1. 1303-16 3 cup , 0.35 l, 12 oz
  2. 11055-16 4 cup , 0.5 l, 17 oz
  3. 1308-16 8 cup , 1.0 l, 34 oz
  4. 1312-16 12 cup , 1.5 l, 51 oz